Wein 1924

The old wines of 1924, a surprising and high quality vintage

In Bordeaux, 1924 is a fine vintage. The red wines are elegant and have a long aging potential. Among the most successful are: the Château Margaux 1924, Château Latour 1924, Château Pape Clément 1924 and the Château Branaire Ducru 1924...

The Sauternes are exquisite, almost on par with the legendary vintages for sweet wines like 1921 and 1929. The Château Rayne Vigneau 1924.

In the Burgundy region, the weather in was very favorable to the ripening of the grapes: a fresh and blooming spring, a hot summer ... Climatic conditions which allowed the vines to withstand the rains before the harvest. The result is full-bodied red wines, rich in alcohol but not very tannic.